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Fi Asia 2022: Gathering Insights for Kombucha Innovation

 Thank you for meeting us at Food Ingredients Asia 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand! We were inspired by plenty of solutions that tap into the current market trends. Also, it was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our business partners and work alongside some of the leading Food Ingredients companies in the world.

ASEAN, as well as the rest of Asia, is one of our priority growth markets; a particular area of ​​growth in the ASEAN market in recent years is beverage ingredients. As Fi Asia pointed out, the large population of this region, increasing disposable income, and a desire for a healthier lifestyle are all key consumer drivers. Within this product category, kombucha is an increasingly consumed product classified as a nutraceutical. And our team was delighted to introduce Boocharati® Kombucha Powder and Manna-K Aged Kombucha to the attendees during the event.

Nowadays, particular emphasis is being placed on probiotics or prebiotics in the diet; kombucha has attracted attention due to its supposed benefits of regular consumption—boosting the immune system, preventing cardiovascular diseases, and improving digestion, among others.

Hence, it is little wonder that there are approximately 235 companies of Kombucha distributed throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. According to a new report by  Allied Market Research , the global kombucha tea market generated $2.3 billion in 2020 and is predicted to reach $4.5 billion by 2028, manifesting a CAGR of 8.6 percent from 2021 to 2028.

There is another driving force that propelled kombucha to become the latest trend in the world of fermented tea: its wide range of applications as a natural or functional food. As more people are opening their minds to this fizzy probiotic drink, the kombucha industry is exploring more viable ways to scale formulations for commercial production.

Beverage manufacturers have come up with seemingly endless ways to leverage the health halo of kombucha tea. We are witnessing playful flavor varieties, low-sugar or sugar-free alternatives, popular or premium tea bases, and even “hard” interpretations leaning into kombucha's natural alcohol content. Beyond formulas, the type of formulation also abounds—food and nutrition companies have launched various kombucha supplements, such as effervescent tabs and probiotic stick packs.

Yet another crucial factor is how companies call out ingredients and health claims in their products. As consumers continue to look to their food to boost their health and well-being, this is how F&B brands can cut through the endless choice throughout the customer journey. That is, for kombucha products, layering on additional functionality has become a must.

So, how can you seize the opportunity as the kombucha and better health trends are shaping the F&B market? And where will kombucha innovation go next as your business joins? Follow the links to learn more about our high-quality and versatile kombucha ingredients!

Manna-K Aged Kombucha

Boocharati® Kombucha Powder