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boocharati® Kombucha Powder

boocharati® Kombucha Powder

boocharati® is kombucha in powder form long-time brewed from organic green tea. Various formulations and creative recipes to realize your best product potential.

Benefit from Champions expertise in OEM and ODM services and wide-ranging raw ingredient supply network. We provide the highest-quality kombucha powder in bulk and offer comprehensive counseling, from market insights to formulation development and dosage forms. Start creating your next winning beverage now.

Discover a New Way of Booching.

boocharati® is kombucha in powder form long-time brewed from organic green tea.
Various formulations and creative recipes to realize your best product potential.


Kombucha Meets Unexpected Formats

In the form of powder, kombucha makes for a variety of gut health solutions spanning both functional drinks & dietary supplements.
With boocharati®, it’s time to re-imagine the way you consume the Booch.

Stylized icon of an effervescent tablet

Formulate it into effervescent tablets: rapid reaction with pleasant taste.

Stylized icon showing two stick packs

Pack it into sachets or stick packs: easy to carry & store.

Stylized icon of an ampule

Bottle it up in ampules: like an espresso, your instant energy injection.

Stylized icon of a capsule

Encapsulate it in capsules and soft gels: easily digested & fast acting.

We believe in a different approach to making Kombucha.

- The spray drying way.

A glass of iced kombucha next to a bowl filled with kombucha powder, sliced lemons and ginger

boocharati® is kombucha in powder form: the perfect building block for custom gut health concepts, formulations, and delivery formats.

.Made from organic green tea that is naturally brewed and fermented over 6 months
 .Spray-dried or freeze-dried, both grades retain the kombucha’s original taste
.Delivering consistency and low pH with tasty organic acids
.Free from chemicals and Halal certified

Simply put, boocharati® is our way of infusing the wellness-promoting nutrition properties of kombucha into various formulas & dosage forms. No added chemicals or preservatives which nature didn’t put there, just the humble green tea flavor with a hint of sourness.

Lovable Taste Profiles with Boochara-TEA!

No longer is functionality enough—we also need to satisfy consumers’ taste buds.
Fortunately, a dazzling variety of flavor options are available with boocharati® formulas.
Botanical infusions, on-trend functional ingredients, or cold-pressed juice blends, flavoring potential with boocharati® kombucha powder is endless.

Infographic showing the recipe of classic kombucha made with green tea and monk fruit extract
Infographic showing the recipe of antioxidant kombucha with ginger juice powder and green tea powder
Infographic showing the recipe of the garden of flavor kombucha with Vitamin C and elderberry extract
Infographic showing the recipe of microbiom kombucha with ginger juice and probiotics

Good Gut Feeling Innovated

Good health begins with gut health. Increasingly consumers have been convinced that a healthy digestive system is essential to the overall wellbeing.

The digestive system functions at its best on premium fuel. The fermentation process of kombucha is effective in making an ingredient that lets our intestinal flora flourish. And with boocharati®, kombucha can be in a lot more formats beyond just a wholesome beverage.

Three bottling jars of homebrewed kombucha
A pile of white kombucha powder and a measuring spoon with powder on a wooden surface

Make it easy for your customers to incorporate gut health benefits into everyday diet.

Long-time brewed in a traditional way then spray-dried or freeze dried, boocharati® expands market options by transforming kombucha into a versatile powder form. Brewing ideas into reality, together let’s co-brand and ideate kombucha products they will crave!

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