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OEM/ODM Services

CHAMPION is your best partner to conquer the food market, with our outstanding quality and proficiency in OEM.

  • Ingredient Control

    Champion provides All-Round high-quality ingredients that meet your need.

  • Consultation

    In accordance with market trends, providing nutrition counsel and regulation consultation.

  • Formulation Design

    Formulation design will be conducted based on thorough communications with clients. We specialize in tea bags, powder sachets, soft capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets, liquid forms.

  • Sample Making

    Sample optimization and modification.

  • Production

    Production will be progressed and will then undergo strict quality control and tests.

  • After-sales Service

    We have a complete after-sales service system which can give the assistance you need.

Multiple-Dosing Forms

We deliver health in various dosage forms

To top it off, we extend our value chain in 3 ways

Low MOQ : our partners can expect easier warehouse management with higher inventory turnover, as well as more control over profit margins.

Fast-acting: our global supply chain is highly-efficient and time-saving. We meet or exceed our partners' expectations in the shortest lead time possible.

Turn-key solutions: from R&D to sourcing to manufacturing and operations to selling through, we understand our clients' needs and fulfill their business goals.

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    Hard-Shell Capsules

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    Customized Tablets

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    Customized Softgel

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    Powder Sachets

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    Effervescent Tablet

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    Liquid Supplementation

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    Tea Bags

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    Ready-to-DrinkS (RTDs)

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Comprehensive OEM / ODM Support Tailored to Your Business

How do we live up to the Champion dream?

Our strategic focus is on delivering compelling offers to our partners and clients by exceeding customer expectations through unwavering quality, excellent services, solid industry expertise, and science-based innovation. We screen the health and wellness market to identify trends and innovations so that our OEM / ODM creations meet emerging needs all the time. We challenge ourselves to agility and strong responsiveness to market and client demands and ultimately, differentiated nutraceutical solutions in all the markets in which we operate. Join
Champion , get nutrients that work, and co-create nutraceutical products that foster your customers' healthy lifestyles!

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Commercial Kombucha Brewing:
Private-Label and Contract Manufacturing Solutions

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How Champion Helps Launch or Scale Up Your Kombucha Business

Seize the opportunity to enter the high-demand market of KOMBUCHA with Champion!

Industry research on the global kombucha market expects the category to reach USD 10,510 million by the end of 2027, growing at a CAGR of 28.9% during 2021-2027. Growing consumer preference for functional drinks over sugary sodas and juices, along with awareness regarding the inherent nutritional benefits of fermented foods, is expected to fuel the growth of kombucha NPD .
At Champion, we offer a contract manufacturing service of kombucha drinks and/or supplements according to your recipe and as a private label.


Why select Champion as your trusted partner for contract manufacturing of kombucha-based drinks or food products?

Glass of iced kombucha amidst mint leaves and sliced lime

Kombucha Contract Manufacturing, RTD Formulas, and Co-packing

Champion's OEM/ODM service solutions for kombucha beverage or kombucha-based NPD will suit your business needs, whether you represent: 
Choose Champion to partner with our unique industry experience, established R&D, and deep understanding of raw ingredients and recipes.

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Premium craft kombucha startups

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Kombucha market-leading brands

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Large-scale beverage companies

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Kombucha drinks co-packers


Organic Kombucha Acifidier/Starter Liquid Supply

Introducing Manna-K : Large-scale Kombucha Brewed Efficiently

Wondering how to make large-batch kombucha efficiently with consistent quality? Manna-K is the solution!
Manna-K Aged Kombucha is a fully fermented kombucha tea base. It's rich in organic acids and guaranteed alcohol-free. Beyond its charming, balanced acidity , Manna-K prevents kombucha bottle explosions, as it is long-aged fermented and thus highly stable.
More than 100 breweries and beverage companies are using Manna-K in their kombucha products. Learn more about Manna-K Aged Kombucha today!

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Commercial Kombucha Powdered Ingredient in Bulk

Meet Boocharati® : Kombucha is More than Just 'Tea'

Real food inside! Behind quality kombucha is always great kombucha ingredients, and this time, we are not only referring to kombucha RTDs!
Fermented with organic green tea, Boocharati® is a kombucha ingredient in powder format. And it exists to bring the concept of kombucha astray from functional drinks, and one step forward to dietary supplements.
Powder mix sachets, pre/probiotics stick packs, capsules, soft gels, or effervescent tablets. If you too are thinking future-forward kombucha outside of the bottle, it's high time you played around with Boocharati®kombucha powder !

Learn More

Discover New Possibilities of Commercial Kombucha Production with Champion!

Champion's kombucha OEM/ODM service helps you: 

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Create shelf-stable kombucha beverage

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Scale up kombucha production with professional support

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Launch a kombucha product/brand efficiently and effectively

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Develop kombucha F&B products with a creatively functional twist


As our partner, you will not need to invest in your own R&D or obtain expensive equipment to realize your winning kombucha product ideas. You will be able to rely on our production capacity, customer-oriented product R&D, and industry experience. As digestive
health becomes a mainstream public health matter, support your consumers' healthy lifestyles and seize the opportunity to enter the high-demand market of kombucha food and beverage.

Sliced lemons on a wooden board next to a bottle of kombucha

Foster your kombucha product development with our OED/ODM Service!

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