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2023 Bio Asia Taiwan | Thank you for visiting our booth and seminar

Bio Asia Taiwan 2023 | Thank you for visiting our booth and seminar

We want to extend a warm thank you to everyone who visited us at Bio Asia-Taiwan in 2023. It was a great experience for us to connect and have an exchange about the latest market trends. Furthermore, it was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our business partners and expand our network with some of the market leaders in the food ingredients and supplements industry.

The theme of this year's Bio Asia exhibition was “Embracing Asian Dynamics”. In 22 conference sessions, international experts shared their insights on this dynamic and increasingly important region. Especially during the covid pandemic, it became obvious that Asia’s biotech industry will grow in importance in the future, due to its ability to quickly utilize resources and technology to develop products for global markets. Along with growing licensing, manufacturing, and trade in health-related industries, the local demand for nutraceutical products and supplements is also increasing. Among the most popular products are vitamins and minerals, protein, and fatty acids such as omega 3. Moreover, with the pandemic fading out and face masks being worn less frequently, the demand for skin care products is picking up again. 

This year we were able to proudly present one of our latest achievements. After continuous efforts from our side, the Taiwanese FDA and Ministry of Health and Welfare have finally approved Verit-te™ Resveratrol for the local market. To celebrate the success and showcase the possible applications and scientific backing, we were joined by Marcia da Silva Pinto, Senior Technical Manager of Veri-tes manufacturer Evolva. Filling the conference room to the last seat, she kindly gave a comprehensive presentation on the versatile ingredient. 

Resveratrol, mostly found in red grapes, has been the focus of a multitude of scientific studies since it was linked to the so called “French Paradox”. At the core researchers were puzzled by the fact that cardiovascular diseases were significantly lower in France, despite the country having a diet relatively high in saturated fats and cholesterol. While we know now that this phenomenon can not be explained by a single substance, the interest in the benefits of Reservatrol is unbroken and so far more than 17.000 studies have been conducted. They aim to examine various suspected benefits of Resveratrol, from improving skin health to cardiovascular health. 

According to Ms. da Silva, Reservatrol is not only versatile in its benefits but also in its application. It is currently used in chocolates, sachets, gummies, coffee, soft gel capsules and beverages in many interesting products around the globe.

We are thrilled to see its use in Taiwan and look forward to the delicious and effective dosage forms.