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Date: 2023.02.16 ~

Inside Guide to Manufacturing Nutritional Supplements

Innovations in Nutrition and Wellness

When it comes to the nutrition industry, there is nothing but growth on the horizon. It is no secret that consumers are now more health conscious. To put it simply, they are taking personal accountability for their own health.
Recent trends show this. One area of continued growth is gut health and immunity. There’s been a consistent uptick in sales of probiotics. Take kombucha, for example. The fermented tea has grown into a $1.3 billion market for beverages alone. It’s even attracted PepsiCo and Coca-Cola into the game. It’s not surprising that kombucha is now expanding into other products like supplement capsules.
With all of this market demand, it is only natural that businesses are looking to launch nutritional products. These may be completely new or innovations of existing ones.

How to Find a Supplement Manufacturer (The one that is right for you!)

It’s well-known that an OEM/ODM partnership can help just about any entrepreneur and their business launch a product. But from here, things can get a bit confusing for some. What exactly is the difference between an OEM and an ODM?
You could have a strong formula and product, but lack the manufacturing facilities. In this case, an OEM is the way to go. To summarize this partnership, the client does all initial stages. This includes conceptualizing and designing the product itself. While the OEM is responsible for product manufacturing, that may also entail assistance with prototypes and testing.
On the other hand, you could have an existing manufacturing line, but lack designers. Then your way to success is an ODM. In this partnership, you may take the initial stages of very basic product ideation. But the ODM will take it from there and design a very specific product with its ingredients and packaging.
So, if you are looking to launch a nutritional supplement or innovate on an existing one, all you have to do is choose one of the above partnerships…or so you thought.
The lines can be blurred between OEM and ODM, especially in the nutraceutical industry. What should you expect and demand as you take advantage of this huge growth market? A top-notch provider will offer traditional OEM or ODM services but also an organic blending of the two, depending on the client’s needs.

Steps to Launch a Nutrition Product (for real-world needs)

Key steps should include the following:

1. Consultation

An effective OEM/ODM will offer counsel on everything from the latest trends in nutrition science to regulatory issues in certification. All of this will ensure that an effective roadmap is laid out for the ingredients, manufacturing process, packaging, branding, and whatever else you might require. It doesn’t matter if there is a product idea in place or not, the OEM/ODM will offer solid consultation.

2. Formulation Design

Formulation will involve the OEM/ODM’s expertise as well as clear communication with you. A trusted OEM/ODM will tap into its global network of trusted suppliers for ingredient sourcing. This will be presented to you, the client, for final approval.

3. Sample Making

Samples will not only be made but continually modified as needed for optimal results.


roduction will include strict quality control and regular tests.

5. After-sales Service

A solid OEM/ODM will not stop at the manufacturing stage. They will have a system in place to provide support such as logistics and marketing.

Consider these two scenarios based on actual cases.

Case Example 1: Starting a Supplement Line

A company, let’s call it Prime Wellness, has already tapped into kombucha and its health benefits. In fact, they have a successful kombucha beverage. Now they are actively looking to grow their business.
They decide to expand their product line to supplements. The OEM/ODM provides research and development data on kombucha in powder form. Prime Wellness wants to take advantage of the kombucha powder and encapsulate it in soft gels.
The OEM/ODM takes this concept and begins to design a product. The same OEM/ODM has samples made and finalized. It taps into its well-established suppliers, sources ingredients in bulk, and begins manufacturing.
Prime Wellness is a newcomer into the supplement market. But the OEM/ODM offers a low and flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ), giving Prime Wellness easier warehouse management.
After-sales services are also provided. The OEM/ODM provides certification and legal counsel on marketing.
In the end, Prime Wellness has a winning product that developed seamlessly from concept to consumer.

Case Example 2:

A sports energy label called Power US decides that they want to add a healthier alternative to their product line-up. The OEM/ODM supplies Citarg® polar algae (Irish Moss). They provide not only the ingredients, but also formulation consultation. Power US already has its own production facilities and marketing team. So, the OEM/ODM does not provide these services in this case.

Case Example 3:

A supplement label, BioTops, wants to start carrying resveratrol capsules. The OEM/ODM formulates ingredients based on trans-resveratrol, a more absorbable supplement. What’s more, they use their own verified suppliers to source the ingredients, and their own testing labs for quality control. Although BioTops has its own manufacturers, the OEM/ODM further provides Halal and Kosher certification of the finished product.

To sum it up, before launching a nutrition product, any business will want to find an OEM/ODM that will flexibly perform some or all of these stages:
Developing a product that meets consumer needs.
Securing any necessary certifications or approvals for the product.
Creating a brand and marketing strategy to promote the product.
Maintaining relationships with suppliers to keep the product on store shelves.
Continuously monitoring consumer demands and making product adjustments as needed.

These  OEM/ODM services are the future of the nutraceuticals industry.
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