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viveta® gac

viveta® gac

Gac Fruit Puree/ Gac Fruit Oil/ Gac Fruit Powder

Gac Fruit, also known as Fruit from Heaven, has a smooth taste and high nutrition values. The heavenly fruit is also rich in various nutrients essential for the human body, especially lycopene and β-carotene. It is rich in lycopene and β-carotene and is available for whole family with a wide application range.

Gac Profile

Gac (Momordica cochinchinensis), originally grown in Northern Vietnam and other Southern Asian countries, is a perennial herb from the Momordica genus of the gourd family.
Grown as a vegetable in Vietnam, gac is used as a natural pigment in sticky rice for breakfast and a traditional dish on special occasions, such as weddings and Lunar New Year. It has a very smooth flavor, so it can be perfectly mixed with many kinds of food.

The Fruit of Paradise

Gac is rich in various nutrients essential for human body. Among them, it contains high carotenoids, especially lycopene – its content is 70 times higher than that of tomato. The lycopene in gac is the cis-lycopene type, which can be easily absorbed by human body. It’s rich β-carotene is 15 times higher than that of a carrot. Other significant nutrients include lutein, fatty acids, vitamin E, polyphenolic compounds, and flavonoids. As it has high nutritional values, it is also called the “Fruit of Paradise.”

viveta® gac

Grown in Vietnam and transport to Taiwan at -18 ℃, the MIT gac puree, gac oil, and gac powder preserve high nutritional values. Suitable for all ages.

Lycopene > 0.3%
B-carotene > 0.1%
Total carotenoids> 0.5%
Unsaturated fatty acids> 30%

Product Form
Gac Fruit Puree/ Gac Fruit Oil/ Gac Fruit Powder









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