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Spices and Flavours

Spices are used at a very low percentage to increase or improve the odor and flavor of food. Spices are mainly applied in confectionary, beverages, dairy products, cans, bakery, vegetarian food, meats products, etc. Spices can also be applied to other products such as pharmaceuticals, fodder and commodities like liptsick or toothpaste

Champion provides a great variety of natural or synthetic edible spices. Benefit from our expertise in OEM and ODM services and wide-ranging raw ingredient supply network. We provide high quality natural spices and flavors in bulk and offer comprehensive counseling, from market insights to formulation and dosage forms.

Preparations includes fluid, powder and ointments and could apply to various products.

Acerola Flavor
Apple Flavor
Aronia Flavor
Banana Flavor
Black Currant Flavor Powder
Blueberry Flavor
Cherry Flavor
Cranberry Flavor
Crystal Sugar Pear Flavor Powder
Durian Flavor Powder
Golden Shaddock Flavor Powder
Grapefruit Flavor
Grapes Flavor
Green Apple Flavor
Green Plum Flavor
Hibuscus Flavor Powder
Kiwifruit Flavor
Kumquat Flavor Powder
Lemon Flavor Powder
Lychee Flavor
Mango Flavor
Natural Lemon Oil
Natural Lemon Oil Powder
Orange Flavor
Papaya Flavor
Passion Fruit Flavor
Peach Flavor
Pineapple Flavor
Pink Guava Flavor Powder
Plum Flavor Powder
Pomegranate Flavor Powder
Raspberry Flavor Powder
Red Grapefruit Flavor
Salty Plum Flavor Powder
Shaddock Flavor Powder
Strawberry Flavor
Tomato Flavor Powder
Watermelon Flavor Powder
Lactic Acid Flavor Powder
Longan Flavor Powder
Longan Red Date Flavor Powder
Maple Sugar Flavor
Masking Flavor Powder
Milk Flavor
Mint Flavor Powder
Natural Superior Vanilla Powder
Pumpkin Flavor Powder
Red Bean Flavor
Roasted Sweet Potato Flavor Powder
Rose Flavor
Soymilk Flavor Powder
Sumiyaki Flavor
Sweet Potato Flavor Powder
Taro Flavor
Vanilla Flavor Powder
Winter Melon Flavor
Yogurt Flavor
Brown Sugar Flavor
Caramel Macchiatto Flavor
Cheese Flavor
Chocolate Flavor
Chocolate Malt Flavor Powder
Cinnamon Flavor Powder
Cocoa Flavor
Coconut Milk Flavor Powder
Coffee Flavor
Condensed Milk Flavor Powder
Corn Flavor Powder
Extra Cooling Flavor
Hazelnut Flavor
Herbal Jelly Flavor Powder
Hokkaido Milk Flavor Powder
Honey Flavor
Jasmine Flavor
Abalone Extract Paste
Bonito Extract Paste
Crab Extract Powder
Crab Extract
Crab Flavor
Clam Extract Powder
Cuttlefish Extract Powder
Ethyl Maltol
Fish Flavor
Fish Flavor Powder
Kombu Extract
Kimchi Oil
Meat Flavor Paste
Meat Flavor Liquid
Meat Flavor Powder
Scallop Extract Paste
Shrimp Extract
Shrimp Extract Powder
Scallop Extract Powder
Smoke Flavor Powder
Seafood Flavor
Vegetarian Tea-Smoked-Goose Flavor
Wasabi Essential Powder
Assam Tea Flavor
Black Tea Flavor
Ceylon Tea Flavor
Earl Grey Tea Flavor Powder
Ginger Flavor Powder
Green Tea Flavor
India Milk Tea Flavor Powder
Jasmine Green Tea Flavor Powder
Matcha Flavor Powder
Oolong Tea Flavor
Roasted Rice Tea Flavor Powder
Red Wine Flavor
Shaoxing Wine Flavor
Sorghum Liquor Flavor