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BiovaFlex® Soluble Egg Membrane

BiovaFlex® Soluble Egg Membrane

A water-soluble egg membrane that could be applied in various dietary supplements.
-Groundbreaking products manufactured by proprietary technology.
-World-leading (and the only) water-soluble egg membrane.
-100% sourced and made in America.

About Biova

Biova. LLC is an American technology company. It has advanced research and developing ability and has obtained various patents regarding research, developing and manufacturing. Biova cooperates with the greatest poultry eggs manufacturer in the world to satisfy the market’s demand.

Biova transcends medical, cosmetics, functional foods, dietary foods and animal health fields. Its products have a high reputation and credibility, are deeply favored by consumers.

Logo BiovaFlex®
A cracked egg shell

Soluble Egg Membrane

The patented process maintains the natural ratios of nutrients found in the egg membrane and creates a water-soluble, formulation-friendly ingredient.
BiovaFlex® is manufactured using a gentle process of hydrolysis to achieve the optimal molecular weight, protein, collagen, and elastin levels and to ensure the lowest possible odor, color, and ash. All of Biova’s ingredients are quality manufactured according to cGMP standards. 

Recommended Intake: 450mg/day


Some capsules on a green leaf


Some white tablets


Two spoons with green and orange powder


Two bottles filled with a pink liquid



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