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Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea

Organic green rooibos and Organic rooibos superior

Gone through strict quality control, fermented and dried to turn into rooibos tea that has special aroma.

Benefit from Champion's expertise in OEM and ODM services and wide-ranging raw ingredient supply network. We provide highest-quality rooibos tea in bulk and offer comprehensive counseling, from market insights to formulation and dosage forms.

About Rooibos Limited

Rooibos Limited is the preferred supplier of Rooibos to the industry. Rooibos Ltd has a global market share of about 70% and a contracted farmer base of more than 200 farms. Quality assurance and product development enjoy priority. Consistent quality is guaranteed by a unique blending system, stringent quality assurance, compliance measures and a large volume base.

About Rooibos Tea 

Rooibos belongs to the genus Aspalathus and is part of the legume family (FABACEAE). The plant is a shrub-like bush with a central, smooth-barked main stem. About 18 months after plantations have been established the plants are pruned for the first time and thereafter it is harvested annually by cutting of the branches 50 cm above the ground. These cuttings are neatly bound into bundles and transported to the processing yards. The sheaves are then fed into special cutting machines, which cut it into a uniform length for the final product.

The Rooibos is then bruised between rollers to trigger the important chemical process of fermentation. After proper airing and watering the Rooibos is left in low heaps to ferment. A process of enzymatic oxidation takes place during which the product changes from green to the characteristic brick red colour and develops the distinctive flavour and sweet aroma of Rooibos.
After fermentation, Rooibos is spread out in large drying yards to dry under the hot African sun. Special machines collect the dried Rooibos after which it is delivered to the factory for further processing.

Quality Assurance

At Rooibos Ltd, the product is graded according to length, colour, flavour and aroma. This guarantees a uniform standard of high quality across all grades suitable for packing into teabags or loose-leaf form. This is followed by screening, blending and steam treatment, using state-of-the-art equipment. Throughout the process, bacteriological control is vigorously monitored by laboratory testing to ensure the final product can be certified as hygienic, safe, superior quality Rooibos.