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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Grown under exclusively contracted farming arrangement in Styria, the Styrian pumpkin seed oil is rich in nutrients and has strong nutty aroma. It is subject to strict EU regulations for PGI (protected geographical indication). It benefits not only men health but is also excellent for salad dressings and spicing up various dishes.

About Pelzmann

Founded in the 1930’s, the production of Pelzmann’s pumpkin seed oil is based on a procedural method that in largely sustains the traditional, passed down the manufacture of pumpkin seed oil only seen in the south of Styria. With its unique balance between tradition and technology, Pelzmann has achieved consistent “top” pumpkin seed oil. It is the dark green colour, nutty aroma and intense flavour that make it unique from others.

The Peculiarity of the
Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil 

Pumpkin seeds have been a healthy supplement for men since ancient times. Known as Green Gold in Europe and Japan, it is the best food source of vitamin E and zinc.

Thanks to the unique soil, premium water quality, climate and a pollution-free environment, Styrian pumpkin seeds are dark green and huskless. The cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil is rich in chlorophyll, flavonoids and Carotene. It is dark green in color, has a strong nutty taste and consistency. With above, Styria is therefore recognized as the best pumpkin seed oil production region in the world.

Pumpkin Seed Oil 

Besides from the Styria origin, we also offer pumpkin seed oil from European cultivation.




Direct Consumption
(dip bread, mix in soup, vegetables, salad, dip, noodles)