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Freeze dried Green Lipped Mussels

Freeze dried Green Lipped Mussels

Whole freeze dried Green Lipped Mussels from New Zealand’s most pristine bays. Rich in Omega-3 farry acids and antioxidants, they provide valuable nutrients for humans and pets alike.

Benefit from Champions expertise in OEM and ODM services and wide ranging raw ingredient supply network. We provide highest-quality freeze-dried Green Lipped Mussels in bulk and offer comprehensive counseling, from market insights to formulation and dosage forms.

About Bio-Mer Limited

Bio-Mer Limited is a biotechnology company located in New Zealand, dedicated to producing the finest marine health products. The carefully selected Grade A organic green lipped mussels are sourced from Big Glory Bay on Stewart Island. The bay boasts pure seawater, ideal climate, and nutrient-rich Pacific currents, ensuring the mussels possess exceptional quality and the most abundant nutritional content.

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Sourced from the Pristine Natural Bays

Big Glory Bay on Stewart Island, where the Green lipped mussels are sourced from, is one of the most pristine areas in the southern deep waters of New Zealand. Due to its remoteness, sparse population, average seawater temperature of only 12ºC, and pure water quality, it possesses the perfect conditions to produce the purest green lipped mussels in the world.

Pure Processing Technique

After freeze-drying the whole green-lipped mussels, they are slowly baked at 65°C for 30 minutes, allowing the full aroma of the mussel meat to be preserved. This natural ocean-fresh flavour not only pleases human taste buds but also provides a delicious and nutritious treat for our furry companions.
multiple halves of green mussels

Opened green mussel with flesh visble

The Finest Freeze-Dried Green Lipped Mussels

Grade A New Zealand green lipped mussels, rigorously selected


Manufactured without chemical solvents


Natural cultivation without antibiotics


Called the industry's "Giant" the mussels average 6 Gramm in weight


In addition to high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, they also contain high amounts of essential fatty acids Omega-3, glucosamine, and chondroitin.


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Food Ingredients

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Pet Ingredients


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