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Manna-k Aged Kombucha

Manna-k Aged Kombucha

Kombucha brewing is a delicate process that requires good understanding of its simplest ingredients - tea, sugar, and kombucha culture. Manna-k is the innovative kombucha ingredient that helps not only to stabilize the fermentation process but also to improve production yield for professional breweries, homebrews, and individual fun brewer!

What is Manna-K?

Manna-K is the one step solution to commercialize a kombucha brand! It is the most efficient way to making kombucha with higher yield and stable process. It is a highly fermented, non-alcoholic green tea Kombucha, with very low pH index that contributes to a stabile nature. With the 6 months fermentation period, all fermentable sugar has been consumed, Manna-K can therefore be stored under room temperature for 6 years.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient beverage made from only 3 ingredients - tea, sugar, and culture. It is the first beverage that combines tea, probiotics, alcohol, and natural carbonate all together in a natural and fizzy way. 


The Inventor

Mannanova is a Canada-based company committed to the development of innovative products, mainly engaged in the production of natural fermented beverages and foods. It is the largest Kombucha company in Canada and inventor of the series of fermentation solution such as Manna-K, Manna-fir, Manna-KN.

More than 20 brands in Asia 
are perfecting their kombucha
by using Manna-k during the production.

Why Manna-K?

Low Alcohol Content

Manna-K prevents refermentation which causes extra alcohol in kombucha (naturally up to 2% ABV). By using Manna-K, you guarantee the product stays under 0.5% ABV, and doesn’t go over the limit.

Improve Productivity

You only need a little bit of Manna-K to stabilize the process and produce more of your kombucha boosch.

Shorten Production Cycle

Since no secondary fermentation is required, your kombucha can be brewed and packaged in one day.

How to use Manna-K?

 Add after Fermentation

Manna-k is not only an aged kombucha but also an acidifier that helps stabilize the fermentation and inhibits alcohol growth.


 Manna-k keeps a rich tea flavor and can be diluted with tea, carbonated water, then add any flavor you wish to have!